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Welcome to the M.RA Couture Create Page


At M.Ra Couture we create original, quality costumes that are manufactured to each performers individual size to provide you with a unique design that not only fits you, but is you.

Step I

Option I

Custom Couture

Let us bring your vision to life, by creating a custom design for you and your performers.  We’ll design multiple looks for you, and all you do is choose. 



Request a consult and an M.Ra Couture representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Option II

You are the Designer

Download the template(s) of your choice, and begin your artistic vision.

Option III

Catalog Costume

M.Ra Couture’s Online Costume and Flag Catalogs have pre-designed pieces that are ready to order.


Choose from a variety of M.Ra Couture original designs that are themed to fully enhance your visual package. 


Step II

  • Option l :  Finalize a design from the options sent to you by our design team.

  • Option ll :  Submit your design for appraisal and finalizing.

  • Option lll :  Select your design and finalize any alterations.


            After designs have been finalized an estimate will be drafted and sent to the     

            primary contact of your organization.

Step III

Download our Measuring Chart and Measuring Instructions. Please be sure to follow our measuring instructions and chart to ensure proper fit for your performers.


*Please send in your measurements on our measuring chart.

Step IV

Measurements and 50% deposit or an official school purchase order must be submitted to determine construction and delivery timeline. We work on a first come, first serve basis.

Step V

When your costumes are complete they will be shipped to you once we receive your remaining balance.

Timeline: We work on a first come, first serve basis.  Once we receive your initial deposit your order will be submitted.  Once construction on your apparel has begun estimated production time is 1-3 weeks.


Payments: We accept school checks, cashiers checks, booster checks, and school purchase order (P.O.) Please make all checks payable to M.Ra Couture.


Care Instructions:

                                              Hand wash cold. Line dry only.


  • Don’t use hot water.

  • Don’t dry in the dryer.

  • Do not soak.

  • Do not iron.

  • Do not bleach.

Please do not wash in a machine.  Not even on “delicate” or “hand wash”.


When using perfume, body spray, or cologne please spray on your body not on your costume.


Cover your costume when using hairspray.

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