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Are you a director or technician with a vision, but choreographing isnʼt your forte?

At M.Ra Couture our talented and experienced choreographers are trained in all

elements of colorguard. We can choreograph for all talent levels and can also offer

specialists for individual pieces of equipment and/or movement as well. For

information and pricing click here.



Music Editing

Do you have a piece of music that you love, but itʼs too fast or too slow? Need it to

be shortened without losing that ending? How about combining different pieces

into one soundtrack?


Let M.Ra Couture transform your music into the ultimate piece to showcase your

group, and maximize your design.


All of our music editing includes, but is not limited to:

• Seamless merging of tracks.

• Creative use of sound effects.

• Incorporation of voice overs.

• Eliminating sections of unwanted music.

• Incorporating musical introductions and/or endings.

For information and pricing click here.


Drill Design

M.Ra Couture offers high quality winter, parade, and marching band drill design

for colorguards, drumlines, and marching bands of all sizes and classifications.

With years of teaching and show designing coupled with experience in judging

M.Ra Couture is sure to give you quality, competitive drill design.


Marching band drill is done on Pyware software. Drill charts and coordinate

sheets will be provided.


Winter drill can also be completed on Pyware sortware. However, in order to

ensure complete satisfaction we prefer to stage in person for a more organic feel.

For information and pricing click here.


Show Consulting

With years of teaching, choreographing, performing, and show designing for

groups ranging from Regional Classes to Independent World, coupled with

experience in judging for SCSBOA and SCJA M.Ra Couture can help you

maximize every aspect of your show.


For information and pricing click here.

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